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Regulatory requirements demand that potential and existing customers be checked against international sanctions lists. Even a negligent breach of sanctions regulations can have serious consequences under criminal law and entail considerable reputational risks. The obligation to comply with sanctions regimes applies not only to companies active in the financial sector, but to all market players.

ComplyCheck offers you a simple tool to efficiently check your customer base and potential business partners and to document compliance with the relevant regulations in an audit-proof manner.


The ComplyCheck platform allows you to easily screen your customer base and potential business partners for compliance with relevant sanctions requirements, thanks to these key features

User-friendly and device-independent handling

Real-time coverage of the most important sanctions lists (CH, EU, UK, USA and UN)

Mobile solution for on-the-go queries from anywhere

Generation of a report for documentation and sharing at the push of a button

Simple processing and documentation of false positives

Individual or bulk queries by uploading lists of names in a secure environment


ComplyCheck is characterized by transparent pricing models, which are in particular attractive for small and medium-sized companies.

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About us

ComplyCheck is an application powered by Mercury Compliance AG, a leading law firm in the fields of regulatory and compliance matters and Sigoor AG, a leading data management solutions provider, both headquartered in Switzerland.

The platform is hosted and distributed by Fintech Services GmbH, jointly held by Mercury AG and Sigoor AG.

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